An era is ending in the Kingdom of Man.

After a long and peaceful reign Queen Messy is preparing to leave the throne to her two daughters – Aribel and Beliar. The many years of peace were hard won and did not come without sacrifice but it seems as if the era of war has finally come to an end.

It is the beginning of a new age.

At the dawn of this new age though dark shadows of the past have returned to finally take their revenge on the Queen and her Kingdom. An enemy thought long dead is spreading the seeds of war and those seeds are beginning to bear rotten fruit.

Change is coming.
War is coming.
War…is here.

As Man and monster join forces against Queen Messy and all who stand with her a war to end all wars is coming together that will bring in a new era, though whether it is an era of darkness or light hangs in the balance.

Darkness is spreading.

But in all darkness there is light waiting to be seen and while there are still those that cling to friendship and love there is yet a chance against the most terrifying enemies.

This is the dawn of a new age.

Long live the Queen.

These books are dark fairy tales with no overtly offensive language or violence.
They are Grimm's without as much grim.