Here you will find the dark fiction of Chris Ringler.
These tales live more in the borderlands of horror and terror and are not meant for the timid.
Here there be monsters.

Thirteen dark short stories that whisper the forbidden secrets of the human heart. From the madness of a father showing his son how to kill, to the quiet desperation of a man trapped by love, to the horrible memories trapped within a haunted bed - these stories shine light into the places of the human condition rarely examined. But in the darkness there are monsters and things that want nothing more than to make sure the era of Man is soon to end. Here there be monsters, but sometimes the most terrifying monster of all is the one in the mirror.

CEMETERY EARTH The Age of Man is coming to an end. After a long and steady decline into shadows the world has fallen into darkness and the last days of Mankind have come. It is the Dead Age. The Dead have returned to reclaim the world. Driven by an unseen master the dead rise from their graves to feast upon the living and to send the human race into extinction. As the twilight begins though there rises a resistance and with it the dimmest glimmer of hope. Hope. Fight. Live. Die. Survive. This is the Dead Age. This is Cemetery Earth.

Pete Anders is a lonely man. An angry man. A man who has reached the end of his patience and sanity and a man who has chosen Halloween as the night he will get his revenge. What Pete doesn’t see though are the strings that are leading him towards a violent end where he can no longer be a potential threat to the people who have set him along his dark path. Far beyond all of this though is a greater tale, the story of the beginning and the end of all things. The story of the unmaking of existence. And a war that Pete Anders will soon become a player in. And Pete, simple, angry old Pete Anders is far more powerful than anyone could ever have bargained for, and far more dangerous as well and he’ll be damned if he misses out on the end of the world and he may be damned if he chooses to play a part in it. Hillbillies? Zombies? Gods? Destroyers? The First Children of Eden? Heaven? Hell? Mini-malls? Laughs? Scares? Yup.

The Lies We Tell Tomorrow

In the darkest parts of our hearts hide our every secret, our every fear, and our every horror just waiting to be unleashed. We are but doors to Hell waiting for the right key to open us. We can lie to ourselves, we can lie to our friends, but you can never fool tomorrow. You can never fool Hell. I welcome you to a house of mirrors that will show you the worst in all of us, the monsters that live in each of us, but even in Hell there is the dimmest glimmer of hope, an undying light that even the abyss cannot snuff out. Witness, traveler, the lies we tell tomorrow.

The Lies We Tell Tomorrow

Six stories and poems created in a world full of walls that hopes for a day when walls will no longer be needed.